Top 3 Beauty Related Places to Online Shop

Everyone has a particular way they deal with stress, uncertainty, confusion, and any other uncomfortable feelings you may be feeling now at the state we are in. Life itself has made a very unclear turn for each of us but we are all in this together. For me, shopping usually helps me feel better during any uncomfortable situation I find myself in. Even the smallest purchase makes the biggest difference!

I am writing this with the knowledge that funds and income for some may have decreased or have become non-existent. In no way shape or form is this written to be insensitive or make others feel bad, I only want to share fun, affordable, and alternative shopping during your downtime.

While we are in home practicing social distancing and quarantining, here are some great places to shop online:

  1. ULTA

One of my favorite stores to shop for both in-store and online is ULTA. ULTA offers a number of opportunities to save money and cater to your beauty needs and sell both high-end and low-end makeup to gear towards multiple types of beauties. They have products for the everyday girl who may be on the more simpler side of makeup and products for beauties who may want to sit at home with a beat face! Either way, there is something for everyone! One of the great things about shopping at Ulta is that they offer great coupon deals such as $3.50 off of 15, BOGO deals, and price cuts between 20%-50%! Annndddd, if you are a loyal member, on top of the sales and coupons, you are able to use any points that you have accumulated for MORE $$$$ OFF! Shipping is fairly fast and with no issues! Why not shop here!


I KNOW, I know, Sephora is a bit on the pricier side BUT if you are looking for quality, this is your place! SEPHORA is home to FENTY, HUDA BEAUTY, MAKEUP FOREVER, and other high-ends brands that other places may not carry. Although they don't off many coupons and money off, there is always opportunities to get money

off throughout the year! Starting April 17-May 1 Rouge members get 20% off, April 21-April 29 VIB members get 15% off , and April 23-April 27 Beauty Insider members get 10%. This is the best time to shop for items you have been wanting to true or stock up on items you already have. Plus, they offer a very affordable 2-day shipping that literally comes in exactly 2 days! It may be pricy but sometimes you have to pay for quality!


Last but not least, AFTERPAYYYYYY *que the singing angles!* OMG, if I truly had to choose my favorite favorite ways to shop for ANYTHING online, especially

makeup it would be through the use of Afterpay. For those of you reading that are unfamiliar with Afterpay, in short form, it is an online resource that allows you to purchase almost ANYTHING and be able to pay in installments. For example, if you wanted to purchase an item for $100 and didn't have that amount at one time, when you go to check out and choose Afterpay, at the time of purchase you will only have to pay $25. The other $75 you owe will be broken up into 3 separate payments every 2 weeks of $25. IF THAT IS NOT A DEAL THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS!! Usually it doesn't matter how much you spend, it just has to be over $35 but whatever amount you spend it breaks up into 4 payment installments with you first payment being at he time you order. You order will be shipped as normal, you just have to make your payments every 2 weeks and it comes directly out of your account! You can download the app or check out to see what stores use them online! Its just that easy!

I hope these few tips and tricks can help you with your online shopping experience during this time and can eventually carry on into the store when that time comes! Happy Retail Therapy!


Amber Marie Mack

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