The Ultimate Quarantine Playlist!

Before you begin to read on I just want to openly share a few of my thoughts given the climate the world is in today. I cannot stress to you enough how important staying home and practicing social distance is at this point in time. Although there is much uncertainty around our new normal that we call life, we must continue to each do our part. It not only saves our own lives, but the lives of others. I don't want to express too much in this post as this was not its intent, but we must remain in strong spirits as we adjust to our new normal.

One of the things I always use as a healer through my depression, anxiety, and stress (besides laughter) is MUSIC. People often ask me why I love music so much and this is why. It has an ability to connect to a part of you that only you understand. It makes you feel like your not alone simply because someone put in words exactly how you feel! It allows you to feel any and every emotion possible simply depending on the song you listen to.

For years, many people that have been following me know that my first love and first blog idea was called MACKGOTTHEJUICE. Even though I did not continue with it, anyti

me I refer to anything music I use my alias MackGotTheJuice!

Now since we have cleared that up, I, MackGotTheJuice, curated what I believe to be the ULTIMATE QUARANTINE PLAYLIST! Now I'm not saying I have ALL the songs you could ever want (there is A LOT) and I prob missed some BUT I think I'm pretty close! This list is very very long! Over 200 songs but in creating this list I wanted to have something for EVERYONE! This playlist was made to last for hours through any moment, task, and can exist far beyond out quarantined days!

"The ultimate healer during times of confusion and stress is MUSIC. This playlist was created with YOU in mind! Take a moment to relax and jam out to some music with your family, loved ones, or alone as we continue to safely practice Social Distancing while in Quarantine. In creating this playlist I hope it brings you some short of happiness, peace, relaxation, a work out, and all the dance moves! Share with others as we are all in this together! Stay safe, stay home, and lastly TURN UP!"

I hope each of you love this playlist as much as I enjoyed creating it! Let me hear your thoughts and other songs to add! As we continue to go through this unfortunate time together please remember to stay safe, STAY IN THE HOUSE, and enjoy! LINK TO THE PLAYLIST BELOW!


Amber Marie Mack

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