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If I'm being honest, I wouldn't call myself a fashionista or a fashion icon. I am not easily interested in New York Fashion Week or different designers or things in that nature but I do enjoy putting things together and making them work. I like the way putting on a cute outfit makes you feel at the end of the day. The confidence and compliments that come from wearing a nice fit. People look at you different, hell you look at yourself different. But for me, fashion is personal. It is based on who is wearing it and what style they like. For me, I love sneakers. I am a firm believer that any woman can make a sneaker look good if paried with the right fit. As you can see, I get my inspiration from multiple styles. Mix and match. Make it your own. Don't ever feel confined to what others are doing but also don't be to big to give a compliment or credit to someone else who made something look good. In the world of fashion, I am trying to branch out more and more. I started with heels. Lets just say I'm working on it! I love clothes and I like shopping on a budget. I love making cheap things look expensive and having everyone shook at the outcome, its my speciality. Fashion, in my eyes, should be simple. Basic, but not in a bad way. Doing too much can take away from the outfit.

My tip to fashion, do what you feel and when in doubt, use Pinterest. It will secretly be you best friend to slayage. As time goes on I will continue to share my tips, tricks, and inspiration with you!


Amber Marie Mack

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